Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

2020 was a difficult year for law enforcement and we recognize this. It has been very "apparent" across social media, that if you support the Police you are the minority!  We could not wrap our minds around that, we refuse to believe that, and we are going to make sure that OUR First Responders know they were not alone!


We knew we couldn't be the only ones who wanted to stand up against the idea of being the minority and make a change for all First Responders!

Throughout our journey in our first year with the 2020 Back The Badge Giving Tree, we discovered we are indeed not alone and law enforcement supporters ARE NOT the minority! We set a goal and honestly, we were not sure we would make it! But, we did! We more than exceeded our goal! So much so, that people are reaching out saying "We can not wait to do this next year"!

If you follow our Facebook page you will see that we had sponsors from all over the nation. They caught wind of what we were doing and wanted to support the movement we are making!    

The Back The Badge Giving tree was created to make a stand in our cities, in our states, and in our country to tell the entire nation that we are not the minority and we will support and protect our First Responders if need be. 


Our motto is simple. "We love you, We respect you, and if need be we WILL protect you!" 


We believe that the more involved a community is with First Responders and vice-versa the less room there is for corruption.  Our movement is to close the gap and open doors for constructive and hard conversations to take place for both the community and the First Responders to do better for one another!